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Free Financial Counseling

LSS Financial Counseling

Have you ever said to yourself, "If only I made a little more?" Does managing all your debts make you feel like you're navigating a maze and getting nowhere fast?

Thanks to a special partnership, CU members have access to up to six (6) FREE, confidential sessions annually with a certified consumer credit counselor at LSS Financial Counseling Services. The details of these sessions are confidential and are not shared with anyone at CU.

Call LSS Financial Counseling at the dedicated CU number of 800-528-2926 to set up an appointment. Or, visit the LSS website to take advantage of their online counseling services today. You've got everything to gain.

Budget Counseling

Living paycheck to paycheck? Ever wonder where all your money goes? Budget counseling is available to anyone concerned about their financial situation or having difficulty with debt. Financial counselors can help reduce money worries by helping you create a workable monthly budget and an action plan. LSS can also help you understand what's in your credit report with their Credit Report Review service.

Debt Management Plan

Worried about your credit card debt? Creditors demanding more than you can pay each month? A Debt Management Plan (DMP) may be the answer if your income allows you to meet your day-to-day living expenses, and leaves enough for reasonable payments to creditors. Many creditors will reduce interest rates and stop late fees on a DMP. Fees apply to this service, call for more information.

Housing Counseling

Looking into home ownership? Having trouble maintaining housing expenses? Combining housing education with budget counseling, LSS counselors can assist families with housing issues, including pre-purchase, delinquency or foreclosure prevention.


Financial Wellness

Interested in preventing financial problems? Want to know the keys to building good credit? Whether you are looking to save more for retirement, want to establish financial goals, or would like recommendations on how to plan for life events which can impact your financial situation, LSS financial counselors can help you create an individualized plan to turn your financial dreams into reality.